Fell Pony Herd

Wellbrow Sambo FP51035G - Black Gelding Born 2000

Sire: Wellbrow Leo Dam: Heltondale Mint

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Sambo has been with us since he was 3 and he holds a special place in my heart. 

We have tried a little of everything.  He is a good strong pony, standing aprox. 13.hh. 



Sambo is currently on loan to Castle View Stables, Wick

Sambo was bred By Andrew Thorpe from Wellbrow Fell Ponies  

Scotshaven Barrogill FP71692G - Black Gelding Born 2010

Sire: Lunesdale Rex

Dam: Bracklinn Annie

After babysitting the colts for two years Ghillie is now on owned locally by 



Scotshaven Bella Augusta - FP5318 - Brown Mare Born 2010

Is now living with her new owner Charlotte

Scotshaven Brims - FP72002G - Black Gelding Born 2011

Annie's 2nd colt foal.  Issac is now living with his new owner Amy

Scotshaven Sinclair - FP72143G - Black Gelding Born 2012

Annie's 3rd  colt foal.  Ferrero is now living with new owner 

Scotshaven Mestag FP72335C - Black Colt Born 2014

Annie's 4th colt.  He is licensed and sired four foals to date.  Bertie is now living with his new owners.

Scotshaven Thurso - FP73016C - Brown Colt Born 2018

Lizzie's Last foal as she is now retired.  Thurso is now living with his new owner Elizabeth.  He now has foals on the ground with his new owner.