Fell Pony Herd

Wellbrow Sambo FP51035G - Black Gelding Born 2000

Sire: Wellbrow Leo Dam: Heltondale Mint

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Sambo has been with us since he was 3 and he holds a special place in my heart. 

We have tried a little of everything.  He is a good strong pony, standing aprox. 13.hh. 



Sambo is currently on loan to Castle View Stables, Wick

Sambo was bred By Andrew Thorpe from Wellbrow Fell Ponies  

Scotshaven Barrogill FP71692G - Black Gelding Born 2010

Sire: Lunesdale Rex

Dam: Bracklinn Annie

After babysitting the colts for two years Ghillie is now on loan locally to Maureen.


Scotshaven Bella Augusta - FP5318 - Brown Mare Born 2010

Is now living with her new owner Charlotte

Scotshaven Brims - FP72002G - Black Gelding Born 2011

Annie's 2nd colt foal.  Issac is now living with his new owner Amy

Scotshaven Sinclair - FP72143G - Black Gelding Born 2012

Annie's 3rd  colt foal.  Ferrero is now living with new owner Artemis

Scotshaven Mestag FP72335C - Black Colt Born 2014

Annie's 4th colt.  He is licensed and sired four foals to date.  Bertie is now living with his new owners.

Scotshaven Thurso - FP73016C - Brown Colt Born 2018

Lizzie's Last foal as she is now retired.  Thurso is now living with his new owner Elizabeth