Fell Pony Herd

Lunesdale Lizzie FP2325 - Brown Mare Born 31.05.1993

Sire: Lunesdale Henry

Dam: Lunesdale White Rose 

As time goes on Lizzie never stops amazing me.  She comes from a long line of exceptional Fell Ponies.

Lizzie has had 10 foals todate.

1998-Lunesdale Eliza,

2000-Lunesdale Amber,

2001-Lunesdale Penny Black,

2002-Lunesdale Dark Knight,

2003-Lunesdale Jupiter,

2005-Lunesdale Beth,

2006-Lunesdale Classic,

2007-Scotshaven Sterling,

2010-Scotshaven Bella Augusta,

2013- Scotshaven Daisy Mey

Bracklinn Annie FP4357 - Black Mare Born 16.05.2006

Sire: Carrock I'm Yer Man

Dam: Bracklinn Cloe

Annie came to us in Nov 2006, her sire is a three time Fell Pony Society Stallion Show Supreme Champion who has in the past qualified under saddle for both HOYS and Olympia.

Annie has had 4 foals todate

2010-Scotshaven Barrogill,

2011-Scotshaven Brims

2012-Scotshaven Sinclair,

2014-Scotshaven Mestag

Lunesdale Classic FP4438 Brown Mare Born 08.06.2006

Sire: Dalehead Glen

Dam: Lunesdale Lizzie

Classic came to us in Aug 2008.  She has exceptional movement and a huge jump.  Working Hunter seems to be her field. 

She is currently on Loan to CastleView Stables in Wick.

Scotshaven Bella Augusta FP5318 - Brown Mare Born 15.08.10

Sire: Lunesdale Rex

Dam: Lunesdale Lizzie

Bella has started her training so we look forward to seeing her under saddle in the future.

Stennerskeugh Beth's Lucky Girl FP5641 - Grey Mare Born 17.05.12

Sire: Lunesdale Tarquin

Dam: Stennerskeugh Bethany

Beth came to us at the end of 2014.  I had been looking for a Tarquin filly and we are really pleased with this little lady.  Really looking forward to her foals in the near future.

Lunesdale Henry

Henry is the sire of many exceptional Fell Ponies.  Henry is now deceased.

Lunesdale White Rose

White Rose was the dam of champions and lived to the age of 31

Carrock I'm Yer Man


Lunesdale Tarquin